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Monday Alpaca Meet and Greets

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Welcome to our Alpacas of Montana meet and greet! Since we cannot currently host farm tours because of COVID-19, we will be introducing a different alpaca from our farm and telling their story on the blog every other week in effort to connect you all with our herd until we can be in person again.

Without further ado, meet Mercedes! Alpaca 

This lovely lady is 15 years old and has been with us through everything. Her demeanor is unlike any other alpaca we’ve ever raised. Because alpacas are flight not fight animals and they don’t have any ways to protect themselves, most alpacas are really shy and skittish, but not Mercedes. She often mimics a cat more than an alpaca in the ways that she shows affection. When she was little she would rub against our legs and loved to be picked up. Usually alpacas need to build some trust with the people that’re handling them, but Mercedes is friendly and sweet toward both people she knows and those that she’s never met before.

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Alpaca gestation is usually around 11 months (yikes!), so they often only have a few weeks between giving birth and getting pregnant again (double yikes!). After one year and one day, Mercedes’s was born to Anabelle Onyx, a beautiful solid black alpaca. Our intern from Germany was with us during the birth and helped deliver Mercedes.

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We were all quite surprised when Mercedes showed up at a mere 11 pounds--nearly half the weight of most babies--and with fawn coloring (both of her parents were solid black in coloring). No matter our efforts, Mercedes never wanted to breed and therefore never had any cria of her own, but will always be a farm favorite.

Although Mercedes never had any cria, she produced beautiful fiber that has turned into so many of our favorite products. Check out other blog posts to shop our favorite fall pieces!

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